How to Change cPanel Password

If you forgot your cPanel password or the one provided in the welcome email does not work, you can simply login to your cPanel via AfeesHost Client Area.

To change your cPanel password, follow simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the Client Area
  2. Click on the down arrow at 'Services' on top.
  3. Click on 'My Services'.
  4. Click on 'View Details' beside the domain name of the web hosting account you want to edit or to view.
  5. Click on 'Login to cPanel' in order to login.
  6. To change the cPanel password: cPanel dashboard >> Preferences section >> Password & Security menu: 
  7. Click on the 'Change Password' tab. 

  • You will find your Username/Password and you will be able to reset your password here.
  • Fill in the required fields with the Old and the New password you wish to use and click Change your Password now!:


Kindly, note that you can login to your Web Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) directly from the AfeesHost Client Area. Thus, you don’t need to remember your cPanel login details, it’s enough to remember only one set of login details - AfeesHost account credentials.

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