We offer a free SSL Certificate with hosting. In cPanel, we provide a free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate. Our free SSL Certificate is valid for 90 days and it will be renewed automatically.

You can enable or disable SSL Certificate on any of your websites by following the instructions below:

Step 1. Login to your cPanel
Step 2. Scroll down to the SECURITY section and click on Let’s Encrypt SSL icon.
Step 3 — Selecting SSL for Domain, once you have entered Let’s Encrypt SSL you should check the section Issue a new certificate and tick the boxes near your domain name. After you have done that, please click on “Issue Multiple”.

After you have done that, you should tick the box on Primary near the domain without www and tick the box near text Install mail .. SSL certificate for yourdomain.com.

If you tick the box near Install mail.., then it will grant the ability to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when transmitting data between mail clients and servers. In other words, this will keep your sent and received mail secure.
To proceed, you should press Issue.

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