Benefits of Owning Your Own Domain

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Domain names are so cheap nowadays that there’s no excuse for not having one. Assume your name is Ade Wale. When you purchase the domain name “AdeWale .com”, everybody in the world is going to know how to find you online. It gives you a distinction, almost a kind of power, expert status thing.

No matter what your name is, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of other people who share the same name. Yet no other Ade Wale on Earth is going to own that domain name. It’s like being the sole and rightful owner of the online version of your name.

So how do you separate yourself from all the other “Ade Wale” online?

How does branding yourself through personalized domains and email help your online image?

And I’ve also included the top 10 benefits of owning your own domain and how to take advantage of it…

Let’s dive in and take a look….

The Best Uses for Your Personalized Domain

Once you own your own domain, you can do anything you want with it. If you are a business owner, you can use it to host your online store or share critical information with a global customer base. Not only that it helps your overall branding online to your customers and soon to be customers.

If you are an individual, you can create a digital home base that you can use to communicate with friends, family, and acquaintances. It’s a real online location to refer people if they want to learn more about you.

Then there’s having your personalized email account. Instead of having a common address like everybody else in the world – such as or – your email can be

A Gmail, Hotmail or a yahoo email account does not look very professional at all, but once you make the switch to your own personalized domain, your whole image just got an instant upgrade. Best of all, it’s completely affordable and can be set up almost instantly!

Who Can Get a Personalized Domain?

Today anybody can have both their own personal domain name and host their own email accounts and it won’t cost you a fortune to create or take up all your time to administer.

In fact, it’s not only completely affordable but essentially hands-free to manage. All it takes is a few simple steps to get set up and you can be the proud owner of both your very own domain and even host your own email accounts.

Monetizing Your Domain

Owning your own domain and email hosting site not only lets you express your enthusiasm for your team, school or organization, but it also casts you in a leadership position so that you have control over the conversation and can guide others.

For example, if you own Shooting, you could periodically feature affiliate links to team merchandise, tickets and other products that can bring you a reliable, recurrent passive income.

Or, if you own, you can use the site to sell tickets to upcoming pancake breakfasts, distribute information about events, and share details about what your group or organization is doing.

10 Benefits of owning your own domain

  1. Simplicity: A custom domain such as is easier to remember than a generic, cobranded domain such as “’’.
  2. Relevance: As of July 2012, there are over 140 million active domains, and as of 2014 14.3 Trillion – websites, live on the Internet. The sooner you stake your claim, the more likely it will be that your address matches your business profile.
  3. SEO: Having your own domain name will increase your website’s positioning under search results on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  4. Permanence: Keep your domain name for as long as your business is online. No one else can use your domain as long as you pay the host that set it up.
  5. Credibility: Prospective customers will more readily transact with businesses with a professional, established online presence – made possible with a personalized domain.
  6. Locality: Google searches can be heavily influenced by a user’s geographical location, so if you appeal to regional customers, take advantage of country extensions on your e.g.“”
  7. Correspondence: Once you acquire a domain, your email addresses will appear as “” for example. Like we mentioned in our last post, custom email address go a long way in maintaining professional communications with your customers.
  8. Save time and money: when your buyers want to reach out to you or when you need to contact someone. Also, you can get a domain for a low cost, no worries. It is a smart move for your online future.
  9. Customized: domains will give you a truly online presence and it will establish your business as a brand.
  10. Ubiquity: You will have the opportunity to acquire multiple domains with different suffixes (i.e. .com, .org, .net, .ng,,, .ngo) and associate all of them with your business.